"Silver Hawk" Premiere Tour

Hong Kong

January 18 - 19, 2004

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"Silver Hawk" Omega Promotion, January 18th

Michelle and Richie Jen at the promotion
Richie Jen tried to hold a baby but the baby started to cry...

Hong Kong Press Conference, January 19th
Michelle, Brandon Chang, Li Bingbing and Jingle Ma with the Energy Band
Brandon Chang, Li Bingbing, Michelle, and Jingle Ma each wrote an antithetical couplet that contains the characters "Fei" and "Ying" (Chinese title of "Silver Hawk")

Hong Kong Premiere, January 19th
Michelle with Richie Jen, Li Bingbing at the premiere

(Photos from "Sina", "Tom", "Sohu", "Dayoo", "Takung" and "Wenwei")

Silver Hawk